Hi there, My name is Chris and I’m a senior creative (designer & art director) with a healthy obsession for brands, and I like to wear many hats. Currently I am co-founder and creative director of Curate Brand Works, a brand ideas agency, specialising in strategy driven brand communications. Along with working on our start-up, I freelance regularly at various agencies both digital and traditional for UX and brand design work.

In my career I have worked at many smaller agencies which has afforded me the opportunity to develop both my thinking and technical skills in a wide range of disciplines. I am a firm believer that any creative needs to be grounded in strategy in order for visuals to deliver an experience or message with a purpose. The designer of the future needs to be able to draw from a wider skill-set (wear many hats), in order to stay relevant and use their experience to help drive innovation. I enjoy being involved in every step of a project, the more I am exposed to, the more I can contribute, both conceptually and technically, resulting in an experience or design that ticks all the boxes.

I love working with people, and I feel the best creative comes from co-creation. In my most recent appointment I was managing a multidisciplinary team of creatives as creative group head at Rogue Brand Agency. Leading a variety of creative projects from brand identity programmes through to above-the-line advertising campaigns, and making some life-long friends along the way.

Throughout my career I have worked on a large number of local and international brands and have led creative campaigns for Barclays Africa, Liberty, Standard Bank, Stanlib, BMW and MINI in addition to developing unique identities and packaging solutions for clients including Brightlux, Carrick, AvH, and Peppadew®.

Some of the brands I’ve worked on