Colleague Engagement is a year long campaign launched across Africa aimed at aligning colleagues’ purpose with the purpose of Barclays Africa in order to achieve a shared goal of becoming the ‘Go-To’ bank in Africa.


The creative strategy for the campaign is derived from classic hero story telling. With the colleague taking the lead role as the hero in this journey, and Barclays taking the form of the wise guide or sage, they both need each other in order to fulfill their purpose.

“My step, Our Journey” encapsulates the core concept and sentiment of the campaign. By you finding your purpose as a colleague, together we can achieve a shared purpose. The campaign messaging focuses around a micro/macro construct to communicate key EVP’s in a simplistic manner.


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As part of the campaign we produced inspirational videos starring Barclays’s colleagues, showcasing their stories and how together with Barclays they have achieved their ambitions. The internal videos were pre-loaded onto video cards and distributed throughout Africa as a cost-effect medium for communications that can be re-loaded with content and re-used for the duration of the campaign.



Sandrine’s Purpose – Internal Campaign Advertisement


Charles’ Purpose – Internal Campaign Advertisement


Additional Channels

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Agency: Rogue Brand Agency
Marketing Strategy: Brad Dessington
Creative Direction: Julia Rutherford
Creative Strategy: Chris Engelbrecht
Art Direction: Chris Engelbrecht
Creative Lead: Chris Engelbrecht