BrightLux produces a range of high quality LED down-lights, bulbs and tubes for the Southern African market. The brand’s core principles are based on providing eco-friendly, cost-efficient solutions for home and business.

BrighLux needed to evolve their brand identity, strategy and packaging design to remain competitive in this market. The icon combines the sun, the product, and elements from nature into a mark that is distinguishable and unique. Bold bright colours define the brand, and increase visibility in retail environments.




The design of the packaging allows for maximum visual impact of the product on shelves and the unique opening mechanism allows for easy access to the product after purchase. In staying true to the eco-friendly principles of the brand, the box is crafted from a single piece of 100% recyclable paper without the use of any glue.





Rogue Brand Agency
Concept & Art Direction: Chris Engelbrecht
Packaging Design: Chris Engelbrecht