The name Durex is synonymous with condoms and many consumers are unaware of the wide product range Durex offers to enhance any sexual experience. Durex lubes enhance your senses, and allows you to feel more physically and in turn emotionally.




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The campaign is based on the first action necessary to engage in any act of passion, the sense of “Touch”. By encouraging the user to “Touch More”, with Durex lubrication and vibrators, we are communicating the enhanced sensations brought on by combining human touch with Durex.

The poster campaign depicts moments of intimacy enhanced by the Durex product range. Hands are not considered a highly erogenous zone, however they can be extremely expressive when used to tell a story.

By placing hands in various positions that insinuate a sensual and/or sexual act, the message focuses on that point of touch.


Rogue Brand Agency
Concept & Art Direction: Chris Engelbrecht
Photography: Chris Engelbrecht