A campaign proposal to launch the new Tracker brand positioning ‘To care is to protect’ to the internal staff.

Storytelling is an integral part of who we are, and how we build on our values. The idea is based on the insight that caring cannot be kept or hoarded, for it to exist, it has to be given away through an action. The result, Care Productions, an App/hub that is created for curating stories that complete the thought/hashtag “To care is to…” A physical demonstration of how tracker employees live the brand values of a company that truly cares about their customers safety.



A campaign symbol.

The Care Productions icon combines a universal symbol for caring, a heart, within a recognisable icon to create a powerful symbol that communicates the function of the campaign, to share your stories of caring.





Rogue Brand Agency
Campaign Strategy: George Chen & Chris Engelbrecht
Creative Director: Julia Rutherford
Lead Creative: Chris Engelbrecht